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 ^ Gratuitous use of Roll-Overs :-)

Syllabus: This is where you find the Syllabus for your class. The syllabus is your friend. Read the syllabus. Print a copy of the syllabus and keep it with you at all times. You may wish to frame your personal copy of the syllabus and keep it for ever and ever...but that is a personal decision and will not affect your grade.

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CIS 101: Computer Fundamentals in-class/online, 10 Weeks (8 in summer), 4 Credits
Description: A hands-on introduction to the personal computer and application software using Microsoft Windows. Students will learn basic computer terminology, the role of computers in society, and the use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and Internet software, including e-mail.

CIS195 - Web Authoring (formerly CS195 and CIS125H - Software Applications) XHTML/CSS, 3 Credits
Description: Prerequsite: Basic computer literacy or instructor consent. This class will enable the student to plan, design, code, and debug web pages using hypertext markup language HTML/XHTML. Students will learn the basic, fundamental HTML/XHTML tags and syntax needed to construct web pages and the skills required to post and edit pages on the Internet.

Examples of Useful Tools

Here are some common tools that will improve your computing quality of life. Download now and avoid the rush. Many progams are free for personal or eductional use. There are also other types of free or inexpensive programs that perform similar functions. Read the details at the vendor's site as their terms may change.

Let's start with the geek tools linked by LCC FileZilla, PuTTY, SSH, CoreFTP, Fugu (CS133JS, CS195)

Adobe Acrobat Reader This program allows you to read PDF files on the web. Many forms and documents are converted to PDF so the reader isn't required to own the source program. The reader is free. (CS120, CS133JS, CIS101, CS140, CS140B, CS140S, CIS131, CS195)

WinZip File compression is needed by all computer users. It compresses and uncompresses .zip files. This is essential if you are downloading or emailing files -- which you will be doing for class. You can use any Zip/compression utility you want. WinZip happens to be the one I use. (CS120, CS133JS, CIS101, CS140, CS140S, CIS131, CS195)

Notepad++ Anyone writing web pages needs an html editor. This is a happy medium between the starkness of Notepad and full-on web creation programs you could purchase. Again, you can use any *text* based editor you want for my class, but this is the one I will be using for demonstrations. It also has spell-checker as a second file to download. (CS120, CS133JS, CIS101, CS140, CS140S)

Ad-Aware Personal Sypware is a huge problem for anyone using a computer on the Internet. That includes "just reading email". AdAware detects Spyware and Advertising programs that have been installed without your permission. They have a free version of their program for individual users. You need to manually update it, and manually run it. (CS120, CS133JS, CIS101, CS140, CS140S, CIS131, CS195)

Avast, AVG, MalwareBytes Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and other Malware (evil software) are a constant problem. You may have already paid for security if you have internet from Comcast, Quest, or others. If not, you'll need to find your own. These are some of the reasonably good, free programs. (CS120, CS133JS, CIS101, CS140, CS140S, CIS131, CS195)

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