GeoGebra Demonstrations





Chords & Angles
Exterior Angle Sum
The Midquad Theorem
Intro to Ceva's Theorem
Ceva's Theorem Proof
Reflection Property of Altitudes
Parabola Reflection Proof (Discussion)
Median Ratio Proof
Arc Length

Morley's Triangle
Pythagorean Semicircles

Slope Calculation
Distance Calculation
Fencing a garden
Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing Quadratic Functions
Parabola in Water
Ball Flight Path




Kissing Circles #1
Kissing Circles #2
Kissing Circles #3
Kissing Circles #4
Kissing Circles #5
Kissing Circles #6

The Difference Quotient
Tangent to a Curve
Riemann Sums
Parametric Equations - the Cycloid
Power Series of e^x
Power Series of sin(x)
Square Wave (Fourier)
Graphing Polar Equations
Complex Numbers

Measures of Central Tendency 1
Measures of Central Tendency 2
The Normal Distribution
Type I & II Errors
Linear Regression
One Variable Statistics

More Stuff


Locus Problems

Isometric Drawings
Theorem of Pappus
Theorem of Brianchon
Pascal's Mystic Hexagram
Multiplying Fractions
Animation & Dynamic Colors
Parallel Lines Illusion
Basic Construction Kit
Basic Construction Kit Documentation

Domain & Range of a relation
Domain & Range of a function
Symmetry about the Origin
Even-Odd Functions
Graph Transformations
Even-Odd Power Functions
Asymptote or Hole?
The Equation of an Ellipse
Transforms of an Exponential Equation
Exponential Growth & Decay
Graphs of Exponential & Logarithm Functions
Rational Function Example
Reciprocal Function Example
Function Sum Example
Polynomial Function Explorer (Discussion)

Bar Through Ring
Cat on Ladder
Rose Curves
Parabola Tangents (Discussion)
Two Circles

Sacred Mathematics


GeoGebra information

Sangaku - Japanese Temple Geometry

Radian Angle Measure (Radian doc)
Mapping real numbers onto the Unit Circle
Complementary Angles
Unit Circle
Opposite Angles
Graphing sin(x)
Sinusoidal Graphs
Sum of Trig Functions
Vector Components
Vector Addition

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T2T Videos

Other Videos

Geogebra User-Interface Into
Adding text to a Drawing
Embedding Drawings in a Document
Quick N' Dirty Examples
Using Check Boxes
Boolean Expressions
Embedding GeoGebra in Moodle

Linear Systems, part 1
Linear Systems, part 2
Tessellations, part 1
Tessellations, part 2
Tessellations, part 3