Common Soft Tissue Injuries

Your text summarizes common musculoskeletal conditions (see Dutton, Table 4-1). In addition to those listed in Table 4-1, study tendinopathy, tendinosis, and, tenosynovitis, Take some time to make it relevant to your understanding of the WHO-ICF and future clinical practice (and support your learning) by developing hypothetical examples of a patient's "history" and "subjective complaint" that fits with the type of injury. Note: you may need to refresh your prior knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy to come up with credible examples, or simply use the example you generated for the PTA 101 Week 2 Discussion.

For example, this could be an example of knee synovitis:

S: "patient reports swelling, stiffness and difficulty bending and straightening the right knee after prolonged kneeling while repairing her hardwood floors"

What is the health condition?

What is the subjective complaint? How does this inform understanding of involved body function and structures?

What is the history that informs understanding of health condition?

All of the examples in the text describe tissue injury due to mechanical or chemical stress. Biopsychosocial factors will influence the patient's pain response and pain behaviors, including prior medical and related history. Therefore, interventions available in the physical therapy plan of care shall consider the context of the individual situation and reflect realistic patient goals.